Patient Management | Production & Collections | Professional Advisement | Electronic Case Acceptance

Patient Management

transactAR’s A to Z new patient process provides complete new patient files including medical history, HIPAA notifications, insurance verification, and responsible party information. All the data we gather updates your practice management software directly.

Production, Collections & Insurance

transactAR has a proven production and collection management system that decreases past due patients and increases cash flow. Our system is compassionate and empathetic to your most valuable resource, Your Patient.

Professional Advisement

An orthodontic practice expert is partnered with your office to increase case acceptance, decrease past due patients, and enhance practice morale. transactAR experts help drive practice excellence.

Electronic Case Acceptance

transactAR increases case acceptance. Our electronic presentation tools make the treatment consult fun and easy to understand. Patients love the choices, and the digital process saves everyone time.

How It Works

From the initial patient call to your practice to schedule an Appointment TransactAR steps in to take the load off you team. Our system will email a welcome letter to the patient, make sure their new patient paperwork is complete, verify insurance benefits, get contracts signed and manage collections.

Practice Development Director

TransactAR’s Practice Development Director is your personal practice advisor, who will provide monthly practice analytics to monitor practice performance. Our Advisors will assist your practice in increasing case starts, building practice efficiencies and reducing delinquencies that will increase cash flow.

What makes transactAR
right for your orthodontic practice?

TransactAR –

  • Provides a Practice Development Executive to hone processes and maximize your profitability
  • Ensures accurate and timely coding, billing, and insurance recovery
  • Helps eliminate errors with credits, debits, and incorrect adjustments
  • Credit-grades responsible parties, identify risks, and make financially prudent recommendations for treatment payment options
  • Manages both new and retroactive patient accounts
  • Provides real-time patient account updates and immediate financial posts to your practice
  • Offers an exceptional IT support desk and an easy-to-navigate online platform
  • Complies with HIPAA and PCI guidelines, including encrypted transactions for your peace of mind
  • Delivers competitively priced services designed to make your practice run more effectively and efficiently

Partnering With Your Practice


Patient Portal


P3 Payment Calculator


Complete Practice Analytics


Treatment Metrics


Financial Treatment


Onboarding New Patients

TransactAR services eliminate the need for in-house management of insurance filing, accounts receivables, and information follow-up. Our highly trained, industry experienced team of practice development managers will oversee teams who specialize in filing insurance forms along with estimate of benefits (EOBs) to collect receivables from insurance companies and responsible parties.

This same team will collect a soft credit report and send correspondence to new patients to gather critical data prior to their initial appointment, using a patient portal application. This valuable service informs the practice about the patient’s creditworthiness, as well as how much insurance will pay toward treatment, prior to their first visit, allowing for timely reimbursement for services and a better overall patient experience.

Why We Started transactAR

TransactAR was designed by necessity after decades of serving America’s leading orthodontic practices. Time and again, doctors expressed frustration that they were overextended when trying to be their own business managers or delegate responsibility for their business’s financial health to an internal position. TransactAR was founded by bringing together an advisory board of industry professionals to identify the struggles Orthodontic offices face and to design solutions that are affordable, attainable and effective.

Ready to decrease stress and increase profitability?

Let our team of industry experts show you how our unique combination of software and customer service will help your practice gain efficiencies and grow your bottom line.

TransactAR’s Contract Slider tool has been instrumental in increasing our conversion rates. Our Treatment Coordinator likes to offer a side by side comparison of payment options to our patients while still maintaining control of the down payment and contract length. Our patients appreciate the ability to choose a plan that works for their unique needs. The Patient Portal’s integration with our PMS has been a time saver for our Front Desk team by eliminating the need for them to manually update patients’ information.

Dr. RaganOrthodontist

Partnering with TransactAR has allowed my team to focus more on our patients’ care. Our Front Desk team used to spend countless hours on hold with insurance companies to verify patients’ benefits. Now that frustrating task has been eliminated and they are noticeably more engaged with our patients—further enhancing our reputation for excellent service. Best of all, having accurate insurance benefit information PRIOR to the New Patient exam has had a positive impact on our conversion rate.

Dr. GriggsOrthodontist